Solutions For Acne – An obsession?

Solutions For Acne

Solutions For Acne

When you suffer from acne searching for top level solutions for acne can become an obsession. Ads for acne cures are everywhere. The shelves at the drugstore are filled with acne pills, products that promise to clear acne and teen acne, and even some topical ointments that promise they are natural acne cures. Many women’s magazines even devote scores of articles to home acne cures or even an acne diet. Actually, the best solutions for acne cures are often at your fingertips.

Facts about acne is that anyone can get it. Teen acne is not a direct result what you eat, what you put on your face, or how clean you are. Do not feel bad about yourself if you suffer from acne. There was nothing that you did to cause it. Read on below for some quick solutions for acne you can take right now.

Home remedy as solutions for acne quick

I’m about to show you my favorite home remedy for natural solution for acne. Really it’s more of a home acne regimen. But when used correctly, this home remedy to heal acne quick is infallible. I’ve been using it for years to maintain a perfect complexion – not to brag or anything. Actually before I started using this technique, I had some pretty bad breakouts. Now that I’ve learned these little tricks, my skin has never looked better. Here we go…

The Scenario goes as follows: You’ve got a function to go to in a day or two and your face is broken out terribly. You’ve got acne and it’s inflamed. You think you’ll have to cancel your plans – but wait! You know the Home Remedy as Solutions For Acne Quick! Let’s put it into action and say goodbye to those zits.


Step 1: The oatmeal mask

First drink two glasses of water back to back. Don’t drink too fast. Just make sure you get two glass of water into your system before we begin.

It’s important to not wash your face more than two times a day. Overwashing can cause dryness and irritation. However, for the purposes of this treatment for acne, you may be breaking that rule. That’s why this is one of the emergency solutions for acne. Using it everyday may cause an overdry complexion. That said…start making oatmeal.

That’s right, you heard me correctly. Start making Oatmeal. You’ll want to make luke warm oatmeal. Make sure it’s not too hot. It will be going on your skin.

Gently splash very warm water on your face to open up the pores. Don’t use any soap and don’t dry your face with a towel.

After the oatmeal is cooked, apply it like a paste to your facial skin. You should have a pretty thick oatmeal “mask” on at this point. Leave it on for 20 minutes. The oatmeal will absorb all the nasty bacteria in your pores that gave you the breakouts to begin with. It will at the same time, moisturize your skin. This prevents overdrying for the next step.

After 20 minutes of wearing the oatmeal mask, wash your face with very cold water. Gently pat dry with a wash cloth. Don’t touch your skin after you wash it. Drink 4 glasses of water within the next 2 hours. Yes, with this home remedy to cure acne quick, you’ll be peeing quite a bit.

Step 2: Lemon slice rubbing & cleansing

2 hours after you’ve done the “Oatmeal Mask” Step, you’re going to cut up a lemon. By the way, this step can also be performed with a freshly cut garlic clove. Rub a lemon slice over your acne spots. Be gentle but be sure to let the lemon juice completely saturate the pimple. The acidity of the lemon will restore your skins natural pH balance while drying out the acne. Drink 4 more glasses of water in the next 2-3 hours after this step. You’ll probably have to urinate a lot. Look at it this way. You’re removing all the harmful toxins from your body that are causing your acne to form. The additional water in your system will dilute the acne causing oil in your skin (Sebum).

Step 3: Face wash

Before bed, wash your face with a GENTLE acne cleansing medicine. I prefer Cetaphyl because it uses Glycerin to naturally restore your skins pH balance. If you prefer not to use a medicated face wash, you can dab egg white on the acne spots. The eggs whites will have a similar effect on the pimples. By morning your complexion will be clean, clear and your acne marks will be minimized if not completely gone.

There you go…that’s my secret to simple solutions for acne right there. But if you want to get a concrete method applying as a basic system, I recommend you use the Acne No More method.

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There, you will find lots of options more than just home remedy. It’s beyond that. I have used and sold those methods to everyone like forever. Let’s get started and say NO to acne forever by get your hand on the best and fast solutions for acne.

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